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Reports and Project Results

In work package I, research was conducted to establish knowledge about the initial context regarding solid waste and marine litter in the project countries Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Colombia. These studies comprised the analysis of plastic waste leakage from land-based sources and the sampling of solid beach litter in several municipalities in the Caribbean.  

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PROMAR tracks the development of ISO Circular Economy Standards

The International Standarization Organization known as ISO launched in May 2019 in Paris, France a new technical committee on Circular Economy title: ISO/TC 323 aiming to promote standardization in the field of circular economy to develop frameworks, guidance, supporting tools and requirements related to the implementation of activities of all involved organizations to maximize the contribution to sustainable development.

CEGESTI, one of PROMAR´s partner, as a member of the Costa Rican Standarization Organization (INTECO) has been involved in the development of three standards

ISO 59004: Circular Economy – Terminology, Principles and Guidance for Implementation

ISO 59010: Circular Economy- Guidance on the transition of business models and value networks

ISO 59020: Circular economy — Measuring and assessing circularity

The 5th Plenary Meeting ISO/TC 323 will take place in Sao Paolo, Brazil early October,2023. The overall objective of the meeting is to produce the final versions of the standards with the expectation to publish them by the first quarter of 2024.

In terms of PROMAR, circular economy is a fundamental concept to approach the prevention of marine litter and the participation of CEGESTI in the Committee allows the exchange of knowledge with worldwide experts that enrich the actions carried by PROMAR.

As an example, PROMAR-CEGESTI has already produced two main tools available in our Blue Tool Box title: “A base line on circular economy” and “The Technical Assistance methodology to support plastic manufacturing companies transitioning to circular economy”.

Ms. Daira Gómez, Executive Director of CEGESTI shared the main content of the international standards which at present are at the level of “Draft”. The final content of the standards may vary according to the results of the editing and voting process expected on the following months.

PROMAR-CEGESTI are very enthusiastic participating in the next Plenary Meeting and wish ISO very fruitful results!