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PROMAR Technology

PROMAR actively promotes the transition to a circular economy by fostering technological advances and encouraging innovation. By recognizing the critical role of technology management and innovation in navigating the circular economy, which currently constitutes 7.2% of the global economy, PROMAR acknowledges the evolving demands of a marketplace focused on meeting needs rather than solely owning products. In collaboration with its partner CEGESTI, PROMAR is implementing a capacity building program in alliance with the Costa Rican Chamber of the Plastics Industry, with the objective of strengthening strategies, processes and value chains towards the principles of the circular economy. The program, designed with input from PROMAR partners adelphi, CEGESTI, Socya and Parley, offers a regional perspective on essential solutions to advance the circular economy. The initiative, aligned with ISO 59000 standards, places special emphasis on technology management, innovation processes and value chain upgrading. As part of the program, representatives from Socya and CEGESTI recently visited three Costa Rican companies striving to improve their circular economy strategies. For those interested in exploring PROMAR's tools for marine litter prevention and circular economy, the BlueBox offers complete information at BlueBox |