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Marine Litter – Why we need to act now and how to do it

Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic enters the oceans. If we continue like this, plastics will outweigh fish in the oceans by 2050. The Circular Economy fights these developments by avoiding, reusing and recycling plastic waste. Measures like the conversion of waste dumps into regular sanitary landfills, the implementation of single-use-plastic bans and recycling targets, holding producers responsible for the entire lifecycle of their products and a fundamental shift in product design and innovation can further increase waste collection and recycling rates. A mix of appropriate policies and regulations, together with increased awareness will over time lead to shifting production and consumption patterns and an overall reduction in plastic consumption.

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Watch the video on why we have to act now on marine litter!


Waste sampling in Costa Rica

Our implementing partner in Costa Rica, CEGESTI, carried out waste sampling processes in three locations on the Caribbean coast: Puerto Viejo, Cieneguita and Tortuguero. This activity helps the PROMAR Team to collect information to develop strategies to effectively stop waste flows that end up in the ocean.

© CEGESTI 2022

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